• Specialists in the provision and leasing of logistics equipment
  • Current focus on shipping containers (Asia) and swap bodies (Europe)
  • Strong and reliable asset manager for logistics companies
  • Growth-oriented and scalable business model

Logistics equipment – our fast-growing, attractive market environment

The modern, globally integrated economy is dynamic and fast-growing. It is driven by rapid population growth, urbanisation and digitalisation. Value chains and commodity flows have been global for many years. This trend is also propelled by the fast-growing online retail sector as well as the increasing digital integration of production processes and logistics. The “5G mobile-phone standard”, “Industry 4.0” and the Internet of Things (IoT) are major factors here.

Global integration and global trade will continue to grow structurally and rapidly through crises and economic cycles. Asia and worldwide are hives of activity. Growing volumes of goods need to be moved around the world, and this is happening. Regardless of the ordering location and destination, shipping containers and swap bodies are and always will be essential.

One vital requirement in goods transportation, a sector experiencing dynamic structural growth, is well-managed mobile logistics equipment.

Logistics equipment leasing – we are a strong asset manager for logistics companies

A growing proportion of all the shipping containers and swap bodies available worldwide are rented or leased by international logistics companies and regional players, usually on a long-term basis. As a result, these companies bundle their resources in their core business. They manage the use of these resources in day-to-day operations. The assets themselves are provided by specialist asset managers. Their service ranges from purchasing and leasing to utilisation in the secondary market. This special market is our home turf. We supply standard shipping containers, tank containers and swap bodies for our logistics partners via our asset managers here.

The company Solvium Holding AG holds majority or full stakes in the asset managers Noble Container Leasing Ltd., Hong Kong, and Axis Intermodal Deutschland GmbH, Cologne. Our partners also include other asset managers. All asset managers have close ties with the respective markets. Noble has branches in the major Asian ports for container shipping such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Seoul, and specialises in shipping companies for distribution in Asia. Our subsidiary Axis Intermodal Deutschland GmbH, Cologne, is one of the leading managers of fleets of swap bodies in Europe. Its clients include prestigious logistics companies.

Both Noble and Axis are geared towards further growth and can generate financing of new fleet assets via the network within Solvium Holding and their investors. Consequently, we are in a strong and sound position as a future-oriented and reliable asset manager of logistics companies.

Are you interested in our operating asset managers? Further information is available here.

Our strategy for a future of shared success

We operate solely in our specialist market of logistics equipment, and provide the relevant financing and investment vehicles within Solvium Holding. Our business model is scalable. This enables us to grow in an efficient and targeted way with no complexity-related problems! In this way, we aim to share in the global growth of transportation and logistics, expand further, continue to provide attractive investments for our business-minded investors, and keep our business partners in the logistics sector reliably and adequately supplied with assets for their business operations.

Existing operating asset managers need more logistics equipment for their expansion. Other companies are keen to focus more on their core business. Sale & leaseback enables them outsource their logistics assets and have them managed by external specialists like us. As a result, we can meet our aim of gaining new clients and new logistics equipment portfolios that we subsequently set up in asset management and finance via Solvium Capital.

We can help logistics partners to finance their operating assets and thus enhance their business in a more focused way. At Solvium Holding, we are also geared towards getting managers of logistics assets on board as new operating asset managers in the context of our growth strategy. Our main focal points are broader regional market coverage and established, complementary logistics equipment on sea and road as well as rail.

Are you a manager of logistics equipment assets for maritime or land transportation with an interest in collaborating with Solvium Holding AG? This can be financing of a new portfolio of assets as well as an exclusive and strategic partnership.

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