• Investments in the infrastructure/transportation asset class
  • Focus on shipping containers, freight wagons and swap bodies
  • Attractive fund solutions (including SICAV and alternative investment funds)
  • Active asset management: optimum use of earnings potential 
  • Established partner companies and long-standing cooperations
  • Investment reporting, risk reporting and regulatory reporting

Specialist in structuring logistics investments

Our subsidiaries Solvium Capital GmbH and Solvium Capital Vertriebs GmbH, both based in Hamburg, conduct business operations relating to our special funds.

Solvium Capital specialises in investments in mobile logistics equipment with an attractive risk-return profile. Applying great care as well as extensive experience and expertise, we design neatly structured special funds and individual direct investments for institutional and professional investors who want to participate in the growth market of global logistics. The funds’ assets are portfolios of shipping containers, freight wagons and swap bodies on long-term lease. Our investors receive maximum transparency, reporting and the greatest possible security, partly because a substantial amount of the assets on which their exposure is based are managed via our asset managers themselves (Noble, Axis) and Solvium Capital carries out extensive risk management. As a result, we ensure optimum portfolio design on acquisition, highly secure rental income during operation, and optimum utilisation of the assets on exit.

Solvium Capital's investment solutions are designed with a high level of flexibility. This allows many of the investors’ preferences to be taken into account, in particular special and individual ones. For instance, in addition to short launch phases of three to six months and product terms of four years or more, various payments are also possible, theoretically even on a monthly basis. The concepts are therefore suitable for professional investors as well as institutional investors such as pension funds, asset managers and insurance firms. For example, SICAV, AIF and special AIF solutions are regulated by the respective capital-market authorities and fully comply with the strict legal and regulatory requirements. This creates a high level of certainty for our investors.

Outstanding track record

The name Solvium Capital is derived from the Latin word solvere, which means to solve and to pay. Both meanings clearly describe the underlying concepts and one of the associated values of Solvium Capital. Our products – and our achievements: since it was established in 2011, Solvium Capital has boasted an impeccable and unique track record. This sets us apart from many other market players, and matters a great deal to investors. And our 100% compliance rate means that Solvium Capital has met every single one of its commercial and financial commitments in full for all investments in the past. All rent payments, interest payments and repayments have been made in accordance with the relevant contracts. This is checked and certified annually by an auditing firm and published annually in our portfolio report. Other checks ascertain that all outgoing payments are offset by corresponding rental and interest income, for instance.

To date, investors have made investments totalling more than EUR 400 million in shipping containers, swap bodies and other logistics equipment through Solvium Capital.

You can view Solvium Capital's portfolio report here



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