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Mission statement of the Solvium Group

Who we are

Since 2011, we have provided and managed investments in infrastructure and transport logistics for private, professional and institutional investors. Our medium-sized group of companies is headquartered in Hamburg and has additional offices in Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and South Korea.


What we do today

We invest for and with our investors in durable and sustainable items of equipment, or assets, particularly in standard shipping containers, standard tank containers, swap bodies and European freight wagons that are indispensable for international goods transportation by rail, road and sea.

Our investment products are real asset investments with short, medium and long terms. They are solid, transparent and sustainable. Our robust risk management has a flawless track record. We want to continue implementing this risk management and improve it where we can. We will thus continue giving investors the opportunity to participate in the “logistics and transport” megatrend.

The assets are durable, repairable items of equipment that, once written off for accounting purposes, can still be leased and operated for many years. After their “first life”, they are often used for many years for inland transport, as storage containers or otherwise. At the end of their life, they are then recycled by the steel industry as spare parts or scrap, and are thus part of a circular economy.

Our sustainability principles

We aim to become a fully sustainable company – we’ve understood what’s at stake.

Business decisions are made consensually and transparently by the Management and Supervisory Boards and communicated clearly; flat hierarchies guarantee fast decision-making and implementation. We are guided here by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the associated ESG criteria. We want to prevent negative impacts on the environment, nature and society as a result of our business activities. When this is unavoidable, we want to compensate for the damage caused. Responsible action must always take precedence over compensation.

We have devised our sustainability strategy and report on it regularly in line with the German Sustainability Code (GSC). The sustainability strategy is regularly adjusted and updated to take account of lessons learned and current requirements. We are also an active member of the German Sustainable Investment Forum (FNG). “The FNG promotes dialogue and discussion between business, academia and governments and has advocated for improved legal and political conditions for sustainable investments since 2001,” writes the interest group on its website. For us, the FNG is a source of knowledge, a platform for discussion and a motivator.

The ‘G’ in ESG

We communicate honestly, appropriately and transparently with our stakeholders and shareholders, interested members of the specialist press and the public. We represent our interests and those of our investors via our active membership in industry associations.

We employ highly qualified staff and promote their further development and education; we want to support young talents and lateral entrants in our growing group of companies. Pay above the collectively agreed rates and additional benefits for committed teams are a matter of course for us.

We have invited our suppliers and service providers to talk about their efforts for sustainability. In the future, we wish to work only with companies that meet our ESG criteria.

We are committed to a cooperative management style and treat each other with kindness and respect at Solvium. Abuse, bullying and other forms of hostility and provocation are not tolerated at any level, as there is a zero-tolerance policy with regard to undesirable behaviour. We reject corruption, sleaze and lobbying and support no political parties or individual politicians.

Our managers act as role models and can always be approached with employees’ concerns. We expect and encourage independent working, enable part-time contracts and remote work, and reward engagement, integrity and reliability with above-average remuneration.

In addition, regular anonymous employee surveys provide opportunities to develop changes and improvements in cooperation. We want to offer experts secure employment into the future. Work-life balance is important to us. We support private volunteer work by all employees and promote environmental and social community projects.

What we will (continue to) do in the future

With funds from investors and our own capital, we want to continue generating solid profits and returns for investors and ourselves in an increasingly regulated financial market. We therefore continue to optimise our finance products. Together with our dedicated employees, we also adjust work processes – such as our risk and due diligence processes – where necessary and document them transparently.




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