Solvium Holding AG simplifies structure and expands board of directors

Solvium Holding AG simplifies structure for more transparency

Solvium Holding AG has simplified the structure of the group’s subsidiaries in 2021. The most important measure is the merger of Solvium Capital GmbH with Solvium Holding AG. All legal steps for this were initiated in December 2021. With the merger, the Solvium Group's asset position and earnings power will now be visible and comprehensible at the level of the group.

Previously, Solvium Capital GmbH had been replaced as general partner for various companies in the group by Solvium Verwaltungs GmbH, which was founded in 2019. This relates to companies that buy, sell and manage logistics equipment for all of Solvium's ongoing capital investment products for the capital of investors.

In the second half of 2021, Solvium Holding AG significantly improved its risk management system and has already adapted it to the new structure that has now been implemented. Following these changes, the Group plans to have not only the financial statements of the holding company fully audited by auditors but also those of all subsidiaries.

Executive Board to be expanded to four members

The Executive Board of the AG will be expanded to include Christian Petersen, Marc Schumann and André Wreth. This was decided by the Supervisory Board in its meeting on January 19th 2022. Until now, CEO Olaf Will (56) has been the sole member of the Management Board. Christian Petersen (40) has been Managing Director of ConRendit Fondsverwaltung GmbH for many years and will remain so until the final liquidation of the all ConRendit companies, probably still in this year. Marc Schumann (46) has been managing director of Solvium Capital GmbH since the company was founded in 2011 and will remain managing director of Noble Container Ltd, Hong Kong and Axis Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Cologne. André Wreth (45) was Managing Director of Solvium Capital GmbH for many years and remains Managing Director of Solvium Capital Vertriebs GmbH. The functions as managing director of Solvium Capital GmbH will cease with the merger into Solvium Holding AG. Marc Schumann and André Wreth will remain managing directors of Solvium Verwaltungs GmbH, among others. CEO Olaf Will (56): "I am very satisfied that we can now implement the expansion of the Management Board that we had been planning for years. We made a big step forward within the last two years. The Management Board is now not only expanded, but also rejuvenated and thus stable and fit for the future at the same time."

New board members to become shareholders

The three new board members Christian Petersen, Marc Schumann and André Wreth will take over a total of 49 percent of the shares in Solvium Holding AG with equal stakes. This step has been planned for years, binds them to the company in the long term and ensures an alignment of interests with the previous sole board member and main shareholder Olaf Will.

Dr. Max Rössler to become shareholder and strategic investor

The well-known Swiss investor Dr. Max Rössler acquired a 5 percent stake in the company at the beginning of November 2021. At the same time, Dr. Rössler is providing the group with further funds for company acquisitions and investments that will strengthen the portfolio. In recent years, he had already invested in various capital investments of Solvium. Through his holding company, Dr. Rössler is, among other things, the largest shareholder in the construction group Implenia. As a mathematics graduate, he has also made a name for himself as a patron of a prize for young scientists. The Rössler Prize is a sponsorship award for outstanding young professors at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, in the aspiring stage of their careers.

Solvium Group faces up to the challenge of ESG

CEO Olaf Will: "For us, ESG starts with social issues and good corporate governance. The management and employees of the Solvium Group have jointly set the course in 2021 to make the company itself more ecological and social. Everyone is aware that this is a process that requires permanent changes and improvements. The car fleet will be converted to electric cars as far as possible, cycling for employees will be promoted, tickets for local public transport will be subsidised and transport to the company will be reduced by permanently allowing for generous home office arrangements. In the company itself, tap water is purified and all food will be of organic quality. In subsidiaries, too, the principle of equal pay for equal work was introduced years ago. This excerpt of measures should show that we live ESG, and not just since the term was introduced."

Outlook: Further Expansion of company holdings

Solvium Holding AG is planning further acquisitions that will secure the management of assets for Solvium's investments for the future. Financial resources have been secured for this purpose, which Dr. Max Rössler made available to Solvium Holding AG. Preliminary talks and negotiations with several companies have been going on for some time. It is possible that the plans will materialize in the current year.

About Solvium

In 2021, Solvium Capital GmbH placed €138 million in investor capital, exceeding the previous year's result (€61.5 million) by around 120 percent. The group manages assets worth €300 million. Solvium Group is a provider and manager of solid and innovative investments for private and professional investors in the logistics sector and is an internationally active asset manager in this area. Solvium invests in lucrative equipment such as standard containers, standard tank containers, swap bodies and freight wagons used in the international transport of goods by rail, road and the world's oceans.

The group of companies includes a leading inner-Asian leasing company for containers, Noble Container Leasing Ltd. with locations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Seoul, among others, and Axis Intermodal Deutschland GmbH, Cologne, Europe's largest rental company for swap bodies.

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